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Plz Calm Down Moisturizer Solid

“Please Calm Down” few other phrases get under my skin like this one does. I named this product to poke fun at that. Because my response is usually “No, I will not calm down!”. When I talk to myself during self care rituals I have been asking my skin to plz calm down and laughing about that too. Being “un-calm” for ages can cause aging! It’s no joke. Our skin is our largest organ and it bears a lot of our energetic, emotional, and environmental burden. I made this product for those of us who are always “on” and rarely pause for rest.

Plz Calm Down is a concentrated moisturizer solid that’s ideal for dry or combination skin. It’s formulated to improve circulation and skin tone. Featuring therapeutic essential oils of Turmeric, Ginger, and Coriander in an organic base of organic tamanu oil, vegan beeswax, avocado and kokum butters with a beautiful earthy floral finish. Plz Calm Down is ideally paired with Restart spray wash and Oh, Alice! face toner.

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Based in the historic lower ninth ward of New Orleans, Louisiana, Sabbath Wolfe is a new brand from the owner and creator of Nola Esoteric, Ruby Sabbath Wolfe. With a fresh new focus on self care as ritual, Sabbath Wolfe offers innovative skincare choices, ritual products, perfumes, subscription items, and exclusive offers to registered repeat customers. Each product is efficacious and carefully crafted with great attention to detail.


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