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Quality Standards


Ingredients, ethics, and efficacy are very important to me. I seek out herbs, oils, and other staples from trustworthy wholesale distributors. Many of the herbs I use I grow myself. I make my own compounds, enfleurage, hydrosols, and extracts as well. Every ingredient must meet my incredibly high standards for sourcing, stability, purity, and potency.

I have Venus in Virgo. If that tidbit just went right over your head, just imagine the pickiest herbalist you’ve ever met, that’s me. I proudly stand behind all of my products, because I make them with my own hands.

Herbs | Organic and/or wild crafted. Grown on site or locally when available. Fair trade when possible and always ethically sought out.

Carrier Oils | Organic as possible

Essential Oils | Sabbath Wolfe exclusively uses certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils unless otherwise noted.

Always Vegan and Gluten Free.