What Customers Say

“One of my favorite beauty products is Smells Like Witchcraft Body oil. It smells amazing and I always get compliments when I wear it. The oil melts easily into your skin and does not leave a greasy mess which is a big plus because you can put it on and then get dressed right away and not worry about getting oil residue stains on your clothes. My skin is noticeably softer since I’ve been using this.”

Lolita face oil - I have never used a face oil before, and I don't know how I've lived this long. A few drops spreads over my face and neck, soaks in quickly, and leaves my skin like velvet without a greasy feel. The moisturizing feeling lasts all day long. I'm in love!”

Restart Button spray face wash - This lovely smelling spray melts even waterproof makeup right off. It takes only a couple of sprays to do my face and neck, and I don't have to worry about wasting it. (Sprays rule!) Massage in, rinse off, and I feel clean but not stripped. Highly recommended.”

Plz Calm Down moisturizer balm - This is great for skin that is dry, irritated and\or stressed out. I scoop a pea sized ball out with my nail, warm it up in my palm by rubbing with a finger, and gently apply all over my face. I can feel my skin change as it soaks it up, calming redness and irritation. Any remaining balm gets massaged into my cuticles; my nail tech has noticed the difference.”

Swamp Vixen body spray - The scent is not for the timid. It is deep, sensual, sexy as hell, earthy... It is the scent version of that perfect lipstick that makes you feel invincible. One spritz lingers all day, leaving everyone wondering what spells you conjure at night.”

Onyx perfume solid - My everyday go to scent. It's subtle but complex, perfect for work or anytime you want to smell as good as you look. I rub it on my wrists, behind my ears and knees, and in my collar bone. Bonus, it's moisturizing too!”

“I love using an affordable skincare line that has ingredients that I can pronounce, that are sourced and created by a real person, and work exactly like they are supposed to. Packaging is sleek and beautiful, and I adore the labeling. Sabbath Wolfe has found a niche in the skincare market that has been very under serviced. You will not be disappointed.”

Gateway Face Oil- I have bad skin. I have ALWAYS had bad skin. It’s the only curse my poor mother bestowed on me. Hormones. Stress. It all takes a toll on my face. Moisturizer is especially tricky. It’s has to be the perfect balance of nourishing and stabilizing or my skin will flip shit. I’ve been using this product since December (one bottle lasted me 5 months!) and it’s changed the whole game for me. Can’t live without it now. Made here in New Orleans by one bad ass women who has poured all her witchy secrets in to her products. Check out her labor of love! I haven’t been this grateful for a product in a long time.”