Occasionally I speak to members of the media or have my work highlighted. Here’s some of those instances.

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Boadly : Vice

October, 2018

In this interview I discussed what’s known as “sex magic” which is a fancy term for intimate energy work. I identify as queer and it was wonderful to have this article highlight such a healing topic.

Queer Sex Magic: How to Do LGBTQ Witchcraft in Bed

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Wedding Chicks 2018 Feature

In January 2018 I wrote and officiated a romantic witchy wedding for one of my favorite long-term astrology clients, Brooke. It was held at the historic Race+Religious here in New Orleans. I also consulted during planning. The wedding received an onslaught of social media attention including a key feature from Wedding Chicks.


Business Witches of Instagram

July, 2017

In this interview I discussed my opinion on witchcraft going mainstream and the use of social media networking to support other womxn in my industry. I used my given name, Christy Patton, in this piece.