Like a lot of little girls I grew up standing on my tip toes at the bathroom counter watching my mother apply cosmetics. I remember her skincare stash being huge, loaded with tons of options. Most of them she didn’t use. It was the same with her cosmetics. Even at such a young age the self care routines and beauty industry captivated me.

As I got older I’d tear through fashion and health magazines predominately reading beauty reports and product reviews. I loved fragrances, serums, lipstick, and masks. I couldn’t get enough. I was amazed that certain plants and flowers mixed with fats or oils could somehow become an immortalizing beauty cream.

When I finally began crafting my own skincare products years ago, I did so because I wanted something superior than what I could afford to purchase. I wanted products that had magic woven into them. Something with a soul, that was carefully considered and planned with both chemistry and intuition. Ethics, sourcing, ingredients, and transparency are very important to me. I don’t like trends or hype. That’s just not me. I like to keep it real, down to earth, and honest.

When I set out to open my first company, Nola Esoteric, I was more than ready. I sold incense, curios, salves, oils, perfumes, tarot decks, books, herbs, and other similar items. I realized after a couple of years what I was most passionate about fell into the body care ritual arena; salves, moisturizers, washes, soaks, masks, and perfumes. These items were also my top sellers. I decided that I wanted to focus exclusively on my self care ritual products. I didn’t want to sell anything someone could buy elsewhere.

I spent over a year rethinking and conceptualizing exactly what my next evolutionary step would be. I needed to get more personal, more specific. I want to show my daughter what self care means, like my mom did for me. Forever and always I’m brought back to my passion for plants, flowers, fats, oils, and the magic that creates something new from a guild of gifts in nature.

Sabbath Wolfe: Real. Magic. Skincare.

We always go back to what we love.

Thanks for your support,

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