Prism | Spring & Summer 2019 | Solid Perfume Collection

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When I crafted my solid perfume line for the Spring and Summer seasons and it evolved into utilizing prose to round out the collection and finish naming each scent. As a writer I find both passion and inspiration in just about any process, creation, or experience. While I was crafting, naming, and finalizing the formulas for my Spring & Summer solid scents I found myself envisioning a narrative with the perfume names as building blocks. Things fell into place swiftly and I’m pleased to present the line up and narrative that envelopes it.

Coven | rose, honeycomb, sandalwood, vetiver, blue sage, earth.

Rite | honeysuckle, brown sugar, leather, rich spices, apple, dragons blood.

Blue | musk, cedarwood, oakmoss, tobacco, coconut, iris.

Midnight | jasmine, neroli, coffee, vetiver, rain, oud.

Yas | watermelon, basil, marjoram, teakwood, black pepper.

Void |  Siberian fir, peppermint, black amber, ambergris, sandalwood, kaffir lime.

Neon | lemon, orange, guava, feijoa, red plum, ylang ylang, sweet pineapple, smoked apricot.

Serpent | palo santo, nag champa, sandalwood, vetiver, rose, cinnamon.

Vain | white musk, neroli, jasmine, rose, green tea, vanilla.

Panties | guava, ylang ylang, vanilla, silk powder, damask rose, honey, orris root.

Feelings | sweet amber, violet, blueberry, magnolia, honeysuckle.

Brunch | honey, kumquat, blood orange, maple syrup, smoke, tomato, bourbon, sage.

Stars | young amber, sea fennel, lily, cypress, sandalwood, cedar wood.

Rising | lemongrass, rose, litsea, bergamot, ambergris.

Lucifer | sugar, ambergris, iris, rose, wild orange, cinnamon, star anise.

Darling | black amber, violet, lavender, allspice, patchouli.

Prism | valerian, feijoa fruit, carrot, tangerine, lemon, jasmine, neroli.

The Prism collection features 17 scents and will be released in small groups over the coming months.

There are currently four scents available now:

Onyx | Earthy, dark, and hypnotic with carnation, iris, cypress, cedar wood, and sandalwood.

Horned | Citrus and earth with notes of musky florals and spicy finish.

Siren | Entrancing and alluring with notes of feijoa fruit, ylang ylang, moss, and salvinia.

Lolo | Woodsy, sensual, and floral with a smooth amber finish.

Thanks for your support!


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