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About the Owner


Hi I’m Ruby Sabbath Wolfe. I am the owner of this one woman company, Sabbath Wolfe. Perhaps you’d like to know more about me and the journey that brought me here. I grew up in Baton Rouge, La. I was homeschooled and was quite obsessed with nature, science, reading, art, writing, and cooking. My parents taught me about herbs, natural remedies, and holistic living at a young age. I was the weird kid who wasn’t allowed to eat refined sugar.

In junior high I became interested in astrology, numerology, tarot cards, palmistry, archetypes, intuition, and the mind. I bridged my medicinal herbalism and folk medicine studies to folklore and magic of plants. In undergraduate school I studied studio arts and British literature. In graduate school I focused on Behavioral Neuroscience, specifically, pharmacology and biopsychology. I was on track to dive into researching the world of natural drugs and therapies for trauma and addiction. Then something unexpected happened in New Orleans, her name was Katrina. My life changed after 2005 and my path shifted dramatically. I didn’t want to work in a laboratory anymore. I spent a couple years back in Baton Rouge, completely void of direction, and full of loss. I worked as a bartender and did art shows as well.

Sometime in 2007 I went from a near decade of working in the service industry to joining a more holistic path. I got a job at a health food store. I was back to my first love; plants and natural remedies. A local naturopathic practitioner was a regular customer and invited me to be an intern and understudy. With my history of medicinal herbalism and holistic wisdom it seemed like the right step. After just under two years I wanted to reach a wider audience. Working as a holistic practitioner was also quite emotionally exhausting. Again, my work seemed to be evolving into a new realm.

In 2009 I was offered a job as a marketing broker. Within two years I garnered a national reputation as a fearless, driven, and integral employee. I was working as an educator, sales broker, and merchandizer for a medium-sized women owned and run brokerage. Some of the brands I represented were million dollar skincare and supplement companies with worldwide distribution and dedicated customers. By 2012 I opened my own broker firm and expanded my reach to five states. I learned a great deal about management, reports, branding, marketing, and the wholesale to consumer market during that time. About four years later, burned out and focused on my new baby, I retired as a natural products marketing broker. I closed my company and shifted into opening my own brand. That brand was Nola Esoteric, a very successful company made for the magically inclined.

I began to work full time offering readings and services as I used my skills to build my own company. Nola Esoteric was a great learning experience for me. I sold a wide array of items like curios, handmade jewelry, and skincare. I realized a year into the journey my top sellers were always self care items; salves, moisturizers, washes, soaks, and perfumes. I also realized these were the products I was most proud of and most engaged with. At the end of 2018, after well over a year of pondering a new concept, I rebranded the company to be more personal and specific. I decided to give it my name and call it Sabbath Wolfe.

We always end up back where we belong. That’s the magic of the Wheel of Fortune. For me, it’s the magic of plants and self care.

Thanks for your support,

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